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Polytan is happy to announce that we and Sportbyggarna Entreprenad AB (Spentab) have agreed on an exclusive partnership. We will support our Swedish customers with fully integrated product and installation solutions in sport facilities. Customers will benefit from Polytan’s leading sport surface technology and Spentab’s decade-long experience in design and project management of turn-key ground construction projects.

With the increasing requirements towards more sustainable turf and infill solutions we are especially excited that Spentab shares Polytan’s vision to provide the best sport surface systems in both sustainability as well as athletes´ satisfaction. Polytan understand how challenging the current market conditions are for our partners and we remain focused on ensuring we are best positioned to support you in these challenging times.

Polytan are also happy to announce that Gunnar Axelsson – year long head of commercial projects of Polytan AB – is going to join Spentab’s team to ensure a flawless transfer as well as the continuity of service to our customers. For more information please contact Gunnar or Peo from Spentab`s team:

Gunnar Axelsson
Commercial Projects Manager
+46 70 2233 516

Peo Vestin
Project Manager Sports
+ 46 706976997


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