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LigaGrass Synergy

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Polytan MultiTuft technology is Polytan’s latest innovation: In production, two different fibre types are combined with a needle to form a single tuft. Combining soft and flexible Synergy filaments with larger and firmer LigaGrass Pro filaments provides an ideal artificial turf configuration. The additional advantages created by this combination make LigaGrass Synergy the perfect lawn system for club and communal sports. The variety of filaments holds the infill in place without restricting rotation and traction. The infill quantities of sand and in particular rubber granules are also reduced by up to 50%, which is good news for the environment, the players and the greenkeepers. The natural feel when playing and running as well as player safety and skin friendliness are maintained while maintenance costs are reduced. The new TriColour colouration gives LigaGrass Synergy a real “natural look”. By the way, the turf is also available in a purely sand-filled or unfilled version without any synthetic fillers.


  • ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    Högt slitageskydd och mjuka filament
  • CoolPlus


    Värmestrålningsreflektion, svalare yta
  • 100 % PE-formel

    100 % PE-formel

    Exklusiv polyetenformel
  • PreciTex Technology

    PreciTex Technology

    Högpresterande textureringsprocess för en exakt bearbetning av Multishape-filament
  • MultiTuft Technology

    MultiTuft Technology

    MultiTuft kombinerar olika garntyper i en noppa
  • TriColour


    TriColour-färger för ett utseende som liknar naturliga gräsmattor
  • RAL-godkänd


    100 % kvalitetskontroll utförd av oberoende testinstitut
  • Prestanda


    Lämplig för klubbidrott och kommunala anläggningar