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Poligras Platinum CoolPlus



The familiar Poligras Mega CoolPlus has been enhanced and made ready for series production in a close development partnership with international hockey players and coaches. For instance, the stitch density has been increased to create an even more compact appearance, while the new Polytan PreciTex texturing technology ensures optimum crimping. The result is a multidirectional closed surface that demonstrates unbeatable ball rolling behaviour. The Poligras Platinum CoolPlus also offers faster ball speeds and greater precision. The ultra-closed surface also provides a perfect platform for the turf‘s CoolPlus function, which cools the surface and reduces water consumption. Experts and international associations have also been won over by Polytan‘s proven quality. As the sole supplier of hockey surfacing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Polytan continues our strong association with elite hockey competition.


  • ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    Högt slitageskydd och mjuka filament
  • CoolPlus


    Värmestrålningsreflektion, svalare yta
  • 100 % PE-formel

    100 % PE-formel

    Exklusiv polyetenformel
  • PreciTex Technology

    PreciTex Technology

    Högpresterande textureringsprocess för en exakt bearbetning av Multishape-filament
  • MultiBack Technology

    MultiBack Technology

    Ett andra baksidesskikt av textil för förbättrad dimensionsstabilitet och kraftupptagning
  • RAL-godkänd


    100 % kvalitetskontroll utförd av oberoende testinstitut
  • Professionell


    Lämplig för tävlingssporter