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Central Sports Facility, Hausham

februari 2024

Polytan Rekortan AS GT and Polytan SMART at Hausham Central Sports Facility, Germany

Professional training at the foot of the Alps

The village of Hausham is located directly at the foot of the Alps in the valley of the River Schlierach. Lake Tegernsee is only 10 km away, and the Huberspitz is the nearest peak. One of the landmarks of Hausham is the surviving headframe of the long-closed-down pitch coal mine. Within eyeshot of the old tower is the Hausham Central Sports Facility, which is home to the sports club Hausham 01 e.V..The club offers members from the village of 9,000 inhabitants all manner of sporting activities, and alongside skiing in the winter, also has divisions for football, tennis and table tennis, as well as gymnastics, athletics and volleyball.

In the spring of 2023, we fitted the running circuit at the sports facility with a Rekortan AS GT running track in brick red. This water-permeable system is not only a viable alternative to conventional poured in-situ surfaces, but as a water-based, spray-coated surface, is yet another environmentally friendly running track product in our Polytan Green Technology portfolio. As a running track surface, Rekortan AS GT fulfils all the requirements for competition running tracks and multi-purpose facilities, while being extremely quick and therefore cost-effective to install.

Alongside the running track itself, we also fitted the integrated sprinting track and the run-up tracks of various jumping and throwing disciplines with Rekortan AS. In addition, Polytan SMART – our advanced system for digital measurement and documentation of training performance – was installed in the long jump area, sprinting area and two of the four running track lanes. The Polytan SMART system in Hausham consists of timing gates, which are permanently integrated in the lanes. Amateur athletes can use the system with the Smart Run by Humotion app on their personal smartphones. The app then accurately records all the relevant parameters via the SMART timing gates. Alternatively, a wireless Bluetooth sensor weighing only 15 grams is used. In conjunction with the SmarTracks diagnostics software, all the data is clearly displayed and documented on the notebook. As a result, athletes can conduct agility tests, jumping tests, endurance tests and sprint tests, among other things. Polytan Smart is suitable for pre
cise performance diagnostics, be it for single athletes or an entire team.

The integrated timing gates in the lanes are available at all times for precise time measurement – in any weather and for multiple athletes at once.

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