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Sportpark Weil, Esslingen

Esslingen am Neckar
mars 2024

Two McArenas with surfaces from Polytan at Sportpark Weil in Esslingen

Two are better than one

Open-air sports halls have always enjoyed great popularity – both among athletes and among operators, such as clubs and municipalities, because they enable sport in all weathers and save on expensive heating costs in the winter. That’s why at “Sportpark Weil” in Esslingen am Neckar, an idea came about to build two open-air halls at once, in line with the maxim: two are better than one.

The arenas, built by McArena GmbH and fitted with the corresponding flooring by Polytan, are used by the two operating clubs SV 1845 Esslingen and FC Esslingen, as well as additional clubs, such as Lebenshilfe Esslingen and the Diakonie Stetten.

The two halls, each 30 x 15 m in size, have different uses and the flooring has been selected accordingly. While the SWE Arena is optimised for popular sports and disabled sports – e.g. the arena offers various types of wheelchair sports – football clearly dominates at the McArena of FC Esslingen.

The SWE Arena is equipped with our Poligras Mega CoolPlus, an unfilled multisport synthetic turf. It can be used for a wide variety of sports and exercise programmes – in Esslingen, these include fencing, volleyball, cricket and Zumba. Especially important: the densely tufted fully synthetic turf system is suitable for wheelchairs.

In the adjacent second hall, we have installed Polytan LigaGrass Synergy, the perfect turf system for miniature playing fields. The two miniature playing fields feature lines for football (white) and volleyball (blue). Polytan LigaGrass Synergy guarantees an exceptional playing and running feel and stands out for its player safety and skin-friendliness. In the hall, players not only benefit from sport in the fresh air, but also from a built-in shooting speed measurement system, a display board with goal counter, modern LED lighting on the roof for optimal illumination of the playing field and – last but not least – an integrated music system.

And: reserving the pitches couldn’t be easier – sports fans in Esslingen can do so in just a few clicks online. Because the playing fields are completely enclosed by barriers and nets, no time is wasted on fetching the ball. Instead, players can enjoy non-stop action.

During the construction and operation of the two arenas, sustainability aspects were at the front and centre of the planning process. For example, the roof surfaces of the two open-air sports hall are each covered with a photovoltaic system on one half, and extensive roof greening on the other half. Thanks to their low electricity consumption, which is made possible by the complete automation of the building, the two arenas count as energy-plus buildings, i.e. buildings that generate more electricity than they consume.

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