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Hockey Stadium “Am Sommerdamm”, Rüsselsheim

juli 2023

Poligras Platinum GT at “Am Sommerdamm” Hockey Stadium, Rüsselsheim

Ticking all the boxes

What do rowers and hockey players have in common? In Rüsselsheim, quite a lot. In 1908, the first rowing club was founded in the city: the Rüsselsheimer Ruder-Klub 08 (RRK), which won a total of 28 German championship titles after the war. In those days, the rowers only played hockey as a recreational sport in the winter. However, when two hockey pitches were built at “Am Sommerdamm” in 1952, hockey rapidly became a competitive sport in Rüsselsheim. At the latest after winning the German men’s field hockey championships in 1968, hockey became the dominant sport at the Rüsselsheimer Ruder-Klub.

Today, the RRK’s hockey division is considered one of Germany’s most successful clubs. The club has claimed 51 German championship titles in field hockey and indoor hockey for the Opel city on the Main, not to mention countless vice championships, South German championships and Hesse championships. Rüsselsheim has produced several Olympic medal winners and numerous national players. Currently, the RRK women’s team plays in the 1st Bundesliga (indoor) and 2nd Bundesliga (field), while the men have made a name for themselves in the 2nd Bundesliga.

A comprehensive sports facility surrounds the “Am Sommerdamm” stadium. It includes a grass pitch for football and American football, stands for approx. 10,000 spectators, and a synthetic turf hockey pitch. In spring 2023, the surface was renewed with our Poligras Platinum GT, one of the top products in our “Green Technology” family, in collaboration with our longstanding partner HEUS-Sportstättenbau from Elz and LS2 Landschaftsarchitekten. Why? Because the filaments of the Poligras Platinum GT contain at least 20% polyethylene (PE), made from renewable raw materials. Additionally, the turf is manufactured in Germany using 100% green energy. The product stands out as a sustainable, attractively priced synthetic hockey turf with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint, without compromising on look or playing properties. The integrated CoolPlus function has a cooling effect and reduces water consumption.

Polytan’s special PreciText texturising technology gives the surface a permanent crimped texture, creating a multidirectional, closed surface. This provides the ideal conditions for fast, precise play with optimal ball-rolling properties. Poligras Platinum GT is available in the conventional colours of blue, field green and olive green, and we also offer colours such as light blue, edgy London pink or burgundy as options for creative pitch design. In Rüsselsheim, the turf was installed in extravagant London blue. An additional line pattern enables a lateral play direction on the pitch, providing an optimal solution for younger age groups. Another fact to be proud of: this is the second synthetic turf that we have installed for RRK at this location. Its predecessor had to be replaced after 15 years of intensive use.

As well as 300 hockey games per year, the hockey division of the RRK also organises national and international tournament for active, youth and senior teams, events such as taster days for young people, and “Greyhound Bus” festivals. Club championships, primary school tournaments and occasional concerts round off the activities surrounding the traditional Olympic sport. Our Poligras Platinum GT ticks all the boxes.

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